1. Do I have to complete the Education Department Registration form before taking the required courses?

    You should complete the registration form either before you begin taking your courses or after you have completed your first course.
  2. Do I need to be an NACM member to sit for NACM's designation exams?

    You are not required to be an NACM member to sit for our designation exams, however, NACM members do qualify for discounted application fees.
  3. Do Continuing Education points apply only to NACM-sponsored conferences, seminars and meetings?

    Employee-sponsored training may also be entered in the Continuing Education at Conferences, Seminars and Meetings section.
  4. What do CAP and ACAP stand for?

    The Credit Administration Program (CAP) and the Advanced Credit Administration Program (ACAP) refer to courses that are offered through NACM Affiliated Associations.
  5. How do you prove that you are the registered participant for NACM-National webinars and teleconferences?

    The NACM Education Department will verify your registration with the NACM-National Meetings Registrar.
  6. If I took an accounting course in college, do I still need to take the accounting course through NACM?

    You may submit an official college transcript for review by the Education Department to determine if the course fulfills NACM's requirements.
  7. How can I get information on seminars and classes I've attended?

    For local events, please contact your local NACM affiliate. You may find a listing of your NACM National education history by visiting www.nacm.org. After logging in, click on Check My Account and then Participation to view your CEU earnings, NACM meeting history and CMI survey participation.
  8. Does work experience outside of credit count, such as accounting, accounts receivable or accounts payable?

    If your work experience was in the financial management field, points may be awarded in the work experience area.
  9. Do I need to complete the Career Roadmap if I am applying for the CBA designation?

    The Career Roadmap is only required for the CBF and CCE designations. We do recommend keeping a record of any educational programs you attend, however, if you plan on working towards your CBF and/or CCE designation.
  10. Why aren't additional points awarded for the CCRA designation to those that achieved the CBF designation prior to 2013?

    Prior to 2013, the Financial Statement Analysis 2 course was required for the CBF designation. Since all the courses for the CCRA designation would have been required for either the CBA or CBF designation prior to 2013, no further coursework would be necessary, therefore no further credit may be given.
  11. How do I participate in NACM-National surveys?

    Please visit our website to receive monthly email reminders to take the CMI survey.
  12. Can I pay for my Education Department application fees online with a credit card?

    Yes! You can pay here.