The Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management® (GSCFM®)

Program Dates: June 17-27, 2019 and June 22-July 2, 2020
Conducted on the Campus of American University


The National Association of Credit Management is the leader in executive education for the credit and financial management community. NACM entered the arena of continuing executive education over 75 years ago, decades before major colleges and universities. Today, NACM continues its dedication to the global promotion and enhancement of the business credit professional through its many educational programs, lead by the GSCFM.

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The Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management (GSCFM) pioneered the concept of advanced-level, executive education and continues to deliver quality, application-based continuing education for the business credit and financial professional. The quality and effectiveness of tomorrow’s business credit and financial executive depends on today’s training and education. The most promising executives must strive to move beyond their current skill levels in anticipation of tomorrow's demands.

The GSCFM, conducted on the campus of American University, is a two-week per year (for two years) intensive program exposing participants to a wide range of ideas, practices and resources, and leads to the mastery of new concepts and the development of a new, clear vision.

The program delivers high quality, application based credit, financial and management instruction in a setting designed for executive education. The professional relationships that develop throughout this program are a critical component to the program’s long-standing success.

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To express an interest in attending NACM's GSCFM or to inquire about scholarship assistance, please call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 410.740.5560 x1029

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The GSCFM sessions are conducted by experienced faculty who use a balanced mix of lectures, group discussions and case studies that relate to current and future workplace demands. The program challenges participants to examine issues and processes not simply from the standpoint of corporate credit and finance, but from a cross functional point of view. Participants will return to their companies with in-depth knowledge of the field and the ability to use that knowledge on the corporation’s behalf.

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A participant’s company customarily covers the full cost of tuition, meals and living and travel-related expenses. In so doing, the employer recognizes the contributions and potential of promising managers, affording them the opportunity to advance their knowledge and career expertise. Employer sponsorship allows participants to be relieved of workplace responsibilities for the duration of the two-week program.

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