NACM® was founded in 1896 to promote good laws for sound credit, protect businesses against fraudulent debtors, improve the interchange of credit information, develop better credit practices and methods, and establish a code of ethics.

Education and research programs illustrate NACM’s awareness of the complex needs of credit management today. Membership in an NACM-affiliated credit association includes membership in the National Association. Members of NACM® are credit and financial executives, primarily representing manufacturers, wholesalers, financial institutions and varied service organizations.

NACM Vision

As the advocate for business credit and financial management professionals, NACM is the primary learning, knowledge and information source.

We envision NACM as an organization that creates and anticipates change; progressing with and through its members, providing opportunities for professional growth throughout their careers, without regard to size, industry or market position of the companies that employ them.

Moving Forward Together

In April of 2017, NACM made an organization-wide decision to rebrand—to bring clarification and alignment to our organization. The resulting new logo inspires thoughts of momentum and movement, and uncovers our essential value, which is Driving Results.

NACM Mission

To position business credit professionals for success while setting standards of excellence in business credit and financial management.

Visit NACM-National Headquarters

Planning to be in the Maryland/DC area, you can stop by the NACM-National Headquarters for a visit. Please schedule a visit by contacting us by phone at 410-740-5560. We are located close to Baltimore and not far from DC. Click here for directions.  


NACM helps credit manager with late payment on commercial debts

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NACM Core Values

NACM is committed to:

  • enhancing, promoting and protecting the interests of business credit and financial management
  • representing business credit grantors in all industries
  • being a member-owned association that exists primarily to serve and support its members
  • research and benchmarking
  • maintain and promote highest ethical standards

NACM Strategic Objectives

  1. NACM will be a thriving, dynamic organization whose membership is committed to professional excellence in business credit and financial management.
  2. NACM will encourage the honest, ethical, unrestricted exchange of historical and factual credit information. Business credit information will be true, unrestrained and maintained by all credit professionals in an environment of confidentiality.
  3. NACM will advocate sound business credit practices.
  4. The credit profession will be an integral part of business management and recognized as vital to the free enterprise system.
  5. Credit education will be available to the business credit community.
  6. NACM will organize and govern the association knowledgeably, openly and responsibly.