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In 2005, the Board of Directors of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) proudly approved the establishment of the NACM Scholarship Foundation, Inc., an entity that would furnish assistance to business credit professionals as they pursued credit education.

Today, the NACM Scholarship Foundation is a separate and important effort born from NACM's vision and mission. As a 501(c)3, the NACM Foundation fulfills the mission of augmenting the educational needs of its members.

The NACM Scholarship Foundation Mission

To provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships for business credit professionals, without regard to membership status, through all levels of continuing education so their gained knowledge and expertise can enhance and strengthen the profession and business community.

The Foundation also strives to bolster the mission and vision of the National Association of Credit Management, which as the advocate for business credit and financial management professionals, is the primary learning, knowledge and information source. NACM provides credit professionals with opportunities for professional growth throughout their careers, without regard to size, industry or market position of the companies that employ them.

The NACM Scholarship Foundation is determined to share knowledge and educational resources with more and more credit professionals. Through a variety of fund-raising efforts, the Foundation was able to raise over $40,000 for deserving individuals in its first two years. Since its inception, the Foundation has had hundreds of corporate and personal donors who generously contribute to its efforts.

Your support will help to open educational avenues, creating a better-educated, more highly regarded credit community. The Foundation is an investment in the future of the credit profession as a respected, educated entity within the business community.

Current Donation Opportunities

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Donate to the NACM Scholarship Foundation online!

Donate to the CFDD Scholarship Foundation online!

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction is hosted by the Scholarship Foundation during the annual Credit Congress each year. To donate an item to the Silent Auction, please complete this brief donation form.

Cash Donations
Monetary contributions may be sent directly to:

The NACM Scholarship Foundation
8840 Columbia 100 Parkway
Columbia, MD 21045-2158


The NACM Scholarship Foundation encourages credit professionals to apply for a national scholarship; scholarships are not limited to only members of NACM. Many different scholarship prospects are available.

View scholarship information in detail.

The NACM Scholarship Foundation Governance

The Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Trustees that includes members of the NACM Board of Directors and past national chair.

The NACM Scholarship Foundation, Inc. has 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit tax-exempt organization. EIN #20-2574848