CFDD National Education Programs

 CFDD National has a variety of educational programs available to Chapters and members.

These programs have been developed by CFDD Members with the best interests of our members and their employers in mind.

Antitrust and You

Since the introduction of the Sherman Antitrust Act on July 2, 1890, individuals and corporations, restricting and conspiring to restrict trade among states or with foreign nations have been subject to criminal sanctions. The majority of violations tend to arise from price fixing schemes or unfair competition. Other white-collar violations may also come into play.

Program Highlights:

  • “What you don’t know can hurt you AND your company”
  • Summary of the Antitrust laws
  • The do’s and don’ts and questions and answers of specific situations
  • Potential punishment


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Business Ethics 101 (Recently Updated)

In the increasingly competitive business climate of today, companies are constantly pressured to please the shareholder; increase profits; beat out the competition; be number one!! The catchphrases are “whatever it takes” and “just do it”, without regard for the consequences. This seminar will show you what some of those consequences can be, for your company and for you personally. You’ll learn that ethical behavior is more than just obeying the letter of the law, and you will leave with the power of knowing that ethical behavior is “A Matter of Choice”.

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Business Etiquette (Recently Updated)

You only get one chance to make a first impression. By implementing the business etiquette tips provided in this program, you will learn how to put your best foot forward by the way you dress, how you communicate and the manner in which you conduct yourself in business social settings. International business etiquette is also discussed.


Business Etiquette Presentation

 Credit Jeopardy (New Version)

Based on the popular television show, this program is both educational and fun. This interactive program can be used over and over for monthly meeting or for study groups for the designation exams.


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Credit Policies and Procedures

Do you have a Credit Policy & Procedures Manual? Do you need help getting one started? Is it still being put together? Do you have ALL the necessary elements? Is it truly complete? Are your policies in line with the laws?

This program is highly detailed and can ensure a complete manual for your company. Get over 20 years worth of Credit Policy & Procedures experience from a top-level Credit Manager in one resource guide!


CFDD Credit Policies Program Details
CFDD Credit Policy and Procedures
CFDD Credit Policy and Procedures Presentation

 Financial Ratios: What do they mean?

This 20-slide presentation looks at the basic components of financial statements and financial ratios.

Program Highlights:

  • Why Financial Statements are used, with an overview of each statement’s purpose
  • The different types of financial statements (audited with opinions, reviewed, compilations)
  • Balance Sheet Basics
  • Balance Sheet Ratio Basics
  • Questions Arising from a Balance Sheet Review
  • Income Statement Basics
  • Profitability, Efficiency Ratio Basics
  • Statement of Cash Flow Basics
  • Direct v. Indirect Methods of Calculating the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Cash Flow Statement Considerations
  • Questions stemming from Financial Statements
  • Collection KPIs
  • Points to Remember
  • Questions Stemming from Financial Statements

Presenters using this presentation should have a good grasp of the concepts, which are included in bullet point format.


Powerpoint Presentation with Instructor Notes
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Financial Statement Analysis and Credit Scoring

Understanding Financial Analysis, “how to” for beginners, “refresher” for the experienced. This program includes a step-by-step process with explanations and examples.

Program Highlights:

  • Enable the attendee to identify how to analyze Financial Statements
  • Attendees’ will become familiar with terminologies that apply to the analysis
  • Excellent preparation for both CAP and ACAP Financial Statement Analysis classes
  • Identify a step-by-step method for analysis to become part of a Credit Procedures Manual
  • Understanding the basics and how to relate them to everyday business practices


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How to Establish a Mentorship Program (Recently Updated)

This program is designed to help CFDD Chapters establish mentorship programs with outside entities such as a local community or technical colleges. The mentorship program is designed to facilitate intentional connections within your Chapter, that will lead to growth opportunities. These relationships create learning, networking, and development opportunities for your members.

How to Guide
Powerpoint Presentation

Human Resources and the Credit Manager

As credit professionals, we are called on to manage a company’s largest asset – it’s A/R. But is it? Today’s company succeeds or fails largely because of its employees. This program is for anyone who has the responsibility of hiring, disciplining, reviewing or terminating personnel.

Program Highlights:

  • Don’t lose in one moment what your company has worked years and years to acquire
  • Learn why your company should adopt a policy “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen”
  • Protect your assets using these 3 important words – PUBLISH, CONSISTENCY, DOCUMENT
  • Learn about hiring, firing, rewards, and discipline
  • Terrific examples of forms and written policy
  • Today’s changing and voluminous laws make this program a must.


CFDD Human Resources Skills Program Details
CFDD Human Resources Skills for the Credit Manager
CFDD Human Resources Skills for the Credit Manager Presentation

Internal Controls

What are the processes that provide assurance that a company’s activities are in compliance with laws and regulations? What are the benefits on Internal Control? Who is responsible? How to begin ensuring the proper controls are in place.


CFDD Internal Controls Read Me First
CFDD Internal Controls Presentation
CFDD Internal Controls CISP Overview
CFDD Internal Controls CISP Industry Letter to Merchants

Interviewing and Hiring

The job market has changed dramatically since the Great Recession of 2007. Business confidence and hiring plans suffered and lead to tough competition for jobs and lengthy hiring processes. You can prepare for the difficult job market – whether you are seeking new opportunities or hiring new staff members. This educational presentation will provide the basics for the job applicant, provide guidance on how to stand out from the crowd as well as lead the hiring manager through the process of hiring the right people. A detailed review of the behavioral interview process and an overview of the legal issues in hiring are also covered.


CFDD Interviewing and Hiring Presentation
CFDD Behavior Interview Questions
CFDD Equal Employment Opportunity Poster
CFDD Major Laws Impacting the Hiring Process


Developing your employees into leaders can be one of your greatest accomplishments. Lead by example and enable your employees to empower themselves to grow and strive for new opportunities.


Leadership Presentation

Mediation – An Alternative to Dispute Resolution

Are customers withholding payment due to disputes? This can have a deadly impact on your cash flow. Find alternative options. Before spending litigation dollars to resolve disputes, why not try mediation? Studies show that 75% - 90% of the time, it can work for you.

Program Highlights:

  • What is mediation and how can it help your company?
  • Includes a detailed explanation of the mediation process.
  • Defines the role of a mediator/facilitator.
  • Clarifies mediation techniques that can be used in everyday business situations.


CFDD Mediation Program Details
CFDD Mediation Workshop


This 23-slide powerpoint presentation takes a look at negotiating with internal and external clients.  Participants will learn:

  • Overview of Negotiations
  • Types of Negotiations
  • The Purpose of Any Negotiation
  • The Who and What of Negotiations
  • The Negotiation Environment
  • Negotiation Preparation
  • Motivations behind the Negotiation
  • Negotiation Reminders
  • Follow Up & Close

Negotiations Slideshow

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)

Based on Mike Morley’s book, Sarbanes Oxley Simplified, this 31-slide powerpoint presentation takes a look at SOX. Participants will learn the key points within each title of the regulation and about its purpose:

  • The Purpose of Sarbanes-Oxley
  • A look at the key components of the Titles
  • Financial Controls
  • Documentation
  • Manipulation
  • Accounts Receivable and Payables Controls
  • Asset Controls
  • Canada’s Bill 198
  • Internal Reporting

Powerpoint Presentation

Selling Marginal Accounts: Are the Rewards Worth the Risk?

Learn how making sound credit decisions can result in providing more profit per sales dollar to your company’s bottom line with minimal risk.

Program Highlights:

  • Learn how to protect higher profits while minimizing risk
  • Combine forces with your sales department – Be an advocate for the sales staff
  • Educate sales as to the importance of information gathering
  • Sales and Credit – it’s a package deal. Working together to secure all the sales
  • The more you know about your customer, the more he feels you care about him as a customer

CFDD Selling Marginal Accounts Program Details

CFDD Selling Marginal Accounts Leader Guide
CFDD Selling Marginal Accounts Handout
CFDD Selling Marginal Accounts Presentation

The Dynamic Duo: Credit and Sales (Recently Updated)

This presentation looks at the relationship between credit and sales by examining for strategic areas:

  1. Evaluating Current State of the Relationship
  2. Formulating Efficiencies into the Relationship
  3. Communicating Through Open Trusted Relationships
  4. Collaborating Through Mutually Beneficial Relationships

CFDD Sales and Credit Program Details