Distinguished Member Award Recipients

2023 A Stephanie Moore, CCE, CICP CFDD Charlotte
  B Ellen Wodiuk, CCE, ICCE CFDD Oklahoma
2022 A Alaina Worden, CCE Portland
2021 A Diane Crimmins, CBF, CGA CFDD Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  B Dana Webster, CBA, CGA, CICP CFDD Oklahoma
2020 A Debora Dimond-Burt, CCE, CICP Portland
2019 A Eve Sahnow, CCE Portland
2018 A Yvonne Prinslow, CCE Portland
  B Larry Glenn, CBA Kansas City
2017 A Robert Karau, CICP Minneapolis/St. Paul
  C Lori Jones, CCE Salem/Albany
2016 A Barbara Davis, CCE Portland
  C Denise Kephart, CBA Omaha
2015 A Duane Schwartz, CCE Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  C Valarie Hardesty, CBA, CICP Charlotte
2014 A Carol Johnson, CICP Portland
  B Shawn Ismert, CBA Kansas City
  C Kathy Hamilton, CCE Salem/Albany
2013 A (tie) Marsha Johnson, CCE Portland
  A (tie) Pamela Meyer, CBF Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  C Lori Kimball, CBF Salem/Albany
2012 A Tawnya Marsh, CBA Portland
  B Michelle Orange Evansville
  C Jacci Barrows, CCE, ICCE Denver
2011 A Marilyn Rea, CCE Portland
  B Kelly Shock, CCE Denver
2010 A (tie) Barbara Condit, CCE Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  A (tie) Diane Snyder, CCE, CICP Portland
2009 A JoAnn Rettke, CCE Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  B Wendy Mode, CCE Dallas/Fort Worth
  C Mary Moore, CBA Omaha/Lincoln
2008 A Charlene Gothard Portland
  B Janis Rowe, CCE Dallas/Fort Worth
  C William Riat, CCE Evansville
2007 A Jeffrey O'Banion, CCE, ICCE Portland
  B Marlene Groh, CCE Charlotte
  C Wanda McPhillips, CCE Dayton
2006 A Debra Yount, CCE Kansas City
  B Adrienne Murphy, CCE Los Angeles
  C Michael Meyer, CCE Evansville
2005 A Pam Foreman, CCE San Diego
  B Christie Guttridge, CCE Denver
  C David Sayre, CCE Charlotte
2004 A Nancy Watson-Pistole, CCE, ICCE Kansas City
  B Beverly Zimmer, CCE Dayton
  C Richard Heavener, CCE Charlotte
2003 A Kim Lancaster, CCE Dallas/Fort Worth
  B Nancy Hoffman, CBA Denver
  C William Kinman, CBA Evansville
2002 A Anna Bope, CCE Seattle
  B Chris Marchewka, CCE Kansas City
  C Sue Ballard, CBA Evansville
2001 A Brett Hanft, CBA Portland
  B Maxine Wood, CCE San Francisco
  C Kim Sizemore, CCE Mount Vernon
2000 A Dennis Thomassie, CCE Dallas/Fort Worth
  B Chris Hooker, CCE Denver
  C Dawn Wallace Cook, CCE Detroit
1999 A Shirley Kaufmann, CCE Portland
  B Cheryl Armon, CBA Dallas/Fort Worth
  C Sandra Cain, CCE Birmingham
1998 A Kay Erbes, CBF Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  B Patsy Gregory, CCE Richmond
  C Sharon (Ramsier) Foster Omaha/Lincoln
1997 A Dee Christiansen, CCE Seattle
  B Janice Purdy, CBF Denver
  C Christine Hollingsworth Birmingham
1996 A Cathy Farrar, CCE Houston
  B Maggie Grisom, CCE Dallas
  C Paula May, CCE Buffalo
1995 A Vivian Barwell, CCE Portland
  B Patricia Fenn, CCE Buffalo
  C Lisa Pietrzak, CCE Grand Rapids
1994 A Ilene Solomon, CCE Salt Lake City
  B Nancy Strathearn Dayton
  C Phyllis Truitt, CCE Evansville
1993 A Lois Coghlan, CCE Seattle
  B Marilynn Daugherty Cleveland
  C Liz (Hedke) Chero, CCE Detroit
  D Millie DeMariano & Dayton
    Doreen Neilson Buffalo
  E Honey (Smith) Graham, CBF Dallas/Fort Worth
1992 A Marjorie Dyrnes, CCE Portland
  B Margo Reynolds Cleveland
  C Dianna Linquist Spokane
  D Dottie Haygood North Alabama
  E LeeAnn Garrington, CCE Dallas/Fort Worth
1991 A Kathleen Tolmie, CCE Portland
  B Patricia Rankin Los Angeles
  C Carol Fowle, CCE San Francisco
  D Angie Teclaw Chicago
  E Diane White Mobile
1990 A Leslie Reedy, CCE Seattle
  B Barbara Stene, CCE Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  C Valorie (Parker) Marschall, CCE Spokane
  D Norma (Russell) Chism Birmingham/North Alabama
  E Francoise (Wass) Bowe, CCE Tulsa
1989 A Barbara Saekis, CCE Seattle
  B Esther Parks Los Angeles
  C Bonnie Allen Orlando
  D Dora Cuhel Omaha/Lincoln
  E Jean Sorg, CCE Wichita
1988 A Leola Miller, CCE Seattle
  B Donna Gipson Saint Louis
  C Caryl Bagley Harrisburg
  D Ivadene May, CCE Knoxville

National Mentor Award Recipients

2023 Mary Moore, CBA, Omaha/Lincoln
2019 Eve Sahnow, CCE, Portland
2018 Ellen Wodiuk, CCE, ICCE, Phoenix
2017 Marilyn Rea, Portland Chapter
2016 Wendy Bartlett, CCE, Dallas/Ft. Worth
2015 Jeff Hawkins, CCE, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
2014 no recipient
2013 no recipient
2012 no recipient
2011 no recipient
2010 Pamela Starr Meyer, CBF, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
2009 Duane Schwartz, CCE, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
2008 no recipient
2007 Barbara Condit, CCE, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
2006 Dennis Thomassie, CCE, Dallas/Fort Worth
2005 Gwendolyn Stroops, CCE, Phoenix
2004 Jeffrey O'Banion, CCE, ICCE, Portland

Spirit Award Recipients

2019 Barb Condit, CCE, Minneapolis/St. Paul 
2018  Wendy Mode, CCE, CICP, Dallas/Ft. Worth 
2017  no recipient 
2016  no recipient 
2015  Charlene Gothard, CBF, Portland 
2014  Mary Moore, CBA, Omaha/Lincoln 
2013  no recipient 
2012  Dennis Thomassie, CCE, Dallas/Fort Worth 
2011  no recipient 
2010  Dawn Wallace Cook, CCE, Toledo 
2009  no recipient 
2008  Jeffrey O'Banion, CCE, ICCE, Portland 
2007  LeeAnn Garrington, CCE, Dallas/Fort Worth 
2006  Phyllis Truitt, CCE, Evansville 
2005  no recipient 
2004  Liz (Hedke) Chero, CCE, Detroit
2003  no recipient 
2002  Millie DeMariano, Dayton 

Star Award Recipients

2023 CFDD Phoenix
2019 Chris Birdwell
2019 CFDD Wichita
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