Dates to Remember  


By January 10

4th Quarter Membership Reports for the period ending December 31st due

Begin planning which programs and members to nominate for CFDD National Awards, due on March 15th


By February 1

 News contributions for the March/April Newsletter are due

National Award Nominations are due on March 15th

Applications for positions on the CFDD National Board are due April 1st


By March 15

National Award Nominations Due


1st Quarter Membership Reports for the period ending on March 31st are due by April 10th


By April 1

Applications for CFDD National Board Service

By April 1

News contributions for the May/June Newsletter due

By April 9

Remarks for Annual Business Meeting at Credit Congress are due

By April 10

1st Quarter Chapter Membership Reports are due

By April 15

Annual Chapter Statistical Reports are due, detailing information about the number of and total amount of Chapter Scholarships awarded. The report is usually compiled by the outgoing Chapter President.

Leadership Report

After Chapter Board Installations, submit your Chapter’s Leadership Report detailing the members of your Chapter’s Board!


- 1st Quarter Membership Reports & Annual Statistical Reports were due on April 10th
- Have you submitted your Chapter’s Annual Leadership Report?

Summer Scholarship Applications due by July 15th


By June 1

News contributions for the July/August Newsletter are due

CC logoJune 11

National CFDD Board of Directors meet

June 12

CFDD Annual Business Luncheon Meeting & Installation of the Board of Directors

2nd Quarter Membership Reports for the period ending on June 30th are due by July 10th

Summer Scholarship Applications are due by July 15th


By July 10

2nd Quarter Chapter Membership reports for period ending June 30 due

Plan for Chapter donations to the CFDD National Scholarship Fund


By August 1

News contributions for the Sept/Oct Newsletter are due


3rd Quarter Chapter Membership Reports for the period ending on Sept 30th are due by Oct 10th


By October 1

News contributions for the Nov/December Newsletter are due

By October 10

3rd Quarter Chapter Membership Reports for the period ending Sept 30 are due

Chapters send invoices for CFDD Annual Dues; plan to contact Chapter members and encourage renewals

Scholarship Applications are due on October 31th


As we enter the month of thanks, be sure to thank all Chapter members for being part of CFDD.


By December 1

News contributions for the Jan/Feb Newsletter are due

4th Quarter Chapter Membership Reports for the period ending on Dec 31st are due by Jan 10th

By December 4

Best rate for Credit Congress ends on the first Friday in December.

By December 31

Annual Chapter Scholarship Contribution

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A CFDD Chapter is a group of credit professionals organized with a focus on education, networking and professional support for employees of member firms of the National Association of Credit Management.

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