CFDD at Credit Congress Highlights!

1 Alaina Worden BoD
1 CFDD Members 3
1 Kelly Heidi Chris BoD
1 Kelly Mary Nancy BoD
1 Kelly Michelle
1 Val Kim BoD Meeting
2 CFDD Booth 3
2 CFDD Booth Tom Kim Sam Birgit
2 CFDD Booth
2 MAK Ellen Jared Taylor
2 Robin Chris Birdwell At CFDD Booth
3 Alaina Worden Star Award
3 CFDD Members In A Session
3 CFDD Session 2
3 CFDD Session 3
3 CFDD Session 4
3 CFDD Session
3 Ellen Speaker
3 Henly Rowe Anderson
3 Kelly Simon Session Front Row
3 Kelly Simon Session
3 Lisa Burns
3 Marlene Groh Session
3 Sheila Session Speaking
3 Sheila Session
4 Angela Dixon Marlene Alaina
4 CFDD Members 2
4 CFDD Members
4 Marlene Heidi Val BoD
4 Natalie Lisa
5 Birgit Hall Outstanding New Member
5 Charlotte Membership Award
5 Chris Birdwell Perservance Through Adversity
5 DMA Heidi Lindgren Boyce
5 Heidi Lindgren Boyce Brett Hanft Speaker Awards
5 Kelly Simon Star Award
5 Kim Brendle Star Award
5 Lisa Burns Bridging The Gap
5 Lyrics Inspire Me
5 Portland Program Award
5 Portland Publicity Award
5 Portland Special Program Award
5 Sheila Roames Perseverance Through Adversity
5 Tawnya Marsh CCE Designation Of Excellence
5 Taylor Haven Stepping Outside
5 Wichita Membership Award
5 Wichita Program Award
5 Wichita Publicity Award
5a Raffle 2024
5a Raffle Winner
6 Lunch DSC09350
6 Lunch DSC09357
7 Emotional Support Peeps
7 Heidi List
7 Heidi With Bobbis CCE Pin
7 Kelly Gift Service Certificate
7 Kelly Lectern
7 Natalie Hawn
8 Alaina Eve Closing DSC09597
8 Ellen And Sheila At Party DSC09511



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A CFDD Chapter is a group of credit professionals organized with a focus on education, networking and professional support for employees of member firms of the National Association of Credit Management.

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