National Scholarship Program

The National Scholarship Foundation was established to provide financial assistance to business credit professionals striving to continue their education. Funds are gathered from generous donations from the NACM community, as well as from a Silent Auction and other special functions hosted at the annual Credit Congress. These funds will afford many people the opportunity to continue investing in the future of our profession.

Scholarship assistance is available for many of NACM national's educational programs and events as well as select FCIB, CFDD and affiliated association programs. Greater consideration is given to first-time applicants, unemployed applicants, those without corporate financial support for education and applicants with less than ten years of experience in credit.

Scholarship Form Eligible Programs/Events Application Process Redemption of Scholarships
Professional Advancement Scholarship for GSCFM

Important note:
Please read the Application Process and Redemption of Scholarships
sections below before submitting your scholarship application.

Eligible Programs or Events

  • NACM National Credit Congress & Expo
    Please note that Credit Congress applications may be submitted but will not be evaluated for consideration until late in the year or in the new year. NACM will honor the Early Bird registration rate (lowest full delegate rate) for scholarship applicants submitting before the December deadline since award decisions may not be released until after the Early Bird registration rate has passed.
  • NACM National In-house Certificate Session Course (Columbia, Maryland location): Business Credit Principles, Financial Statement Analysis 1 or Financial Statement Analysis 2
  • FCIB International Credit & Risk Management Online Coursesm - A passing grade is required to retain the scholarship.
  • NACM National Online Course: Accounting
  • NACM National Credit Learning Center: Courses and Specialty Certificates that cost over $400
  • NACM Affiliated Association sponsored Fall Conferences (formerly Regional Conferences All-South, Central, Eastern or Western Conferences)
  • NACM Affiliated Association sponsored In-person CAP and ACAP Courses


*Applicant eligibility and scholarship amounts/awards are at the sole discretion
of the NACM Scholarship Foundation, Inc. and subject to fund availability.

Application Policies & Procedures

Applications will be judged only on the information supplied, so please be as thorough as possible with applicable information. Applicants will choose only one category (program, meeting, event, course, etc.) for which they wish to apply. Scholarship assistance is valid only toward program/event registrations, enrollment fees or tuition. Scholarship recipients are responsible for their own travel and housing expenses should they be necessary.

Scholarship assistance amounts vary dependent upon the program (please see Eligible Scholarship Categories section; excludes GSCFM) and funds availability. The NACM Scholarship Foundation reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine based on an applicant's circumstances and/or the funds available.

Recipients must complete the appropriate evaluation form in full after the event. Scholarship recipients may receive only one scholarship from the NACM Scholarship Foundation in a calendar year. A scholarship may not be applied retroactively—to an event that you have already registered/applied for, have already attended or for an item you have already ordered. For all scholarships, greater consideration is given to first-time applicants, unemployed applicants, those without corporate financial support for education and applicants with less than 10 years of experience in credit.

Applications are due at least 30 days prior to the start of the program or event for which scholarship assistance is being requested.

Redemption of Scholarships

Scholarship funds may only be applied toward the program or event for which the money was designated. Funds over the actual amount of the program, event, or item are non-refundable, non-transferable in any way, and hold no cash value. Recipients will receive notification confirming their award, including correspondence that will describe how the scholarship can be redeemed.

All scholarship awards are valid for specific programs or events and have applicable expiration dates. Scholarships not used within their specified time frame will be forfeited. For information on how the funds for a scholarship are applied (reimbursement vs. deduction from registration fee, receipts required, continuing education records, etc.), please call our office for details 410-740-5560.

Please note that the NACM Scholarship Foundation reserves the right to request evidence of a recipient’s attendance at a program’s educational sessions in order to be acknowledged for their award. Evidence includes a certificate of completion, a validated continuing education unit earnings record, grade reports, etc.

Professional Advancement Scholarship for GSCFM®

Dedicated students interested in attending the Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management (GSCFM) may apply for financial assistance for the entire program. Those requesting assistance in the form of a partial scholarship toward the enrollment fees should complete this brief application form. Visit GSCFM for information on the current program details.