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Share your knowledge with fellow credit professionals or potential clients. Business Credit accepts by-lined articles of 1200-2200 words. Longer articles may be separated into parts to appear in successive issues. Articles can be on any topic relevant to the credit profession, but may not advertise or promote a specific product. Browse the editorial calendar below to see which issue may best fit your expertise. Also see Terms and Conditions.

Editorial Calendar

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Looking Ahead touches on current and future trends. This issue acts as a thesis statement for what may be covered in the magazine throughout the year, with topics ranging from collection tips and customer service strategies to trends in departmental organization, risk management and federal regulation.



Relationships at the Core is a must for managing customer and departmental relationships. Mitigating the issues related to disputed debts, contractual terms and internal perceptions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes the relationship issues that credit professionals encounter on a daily basis.



Credit Solutions looks at new products and technologies. The latest software/hardware to help credit professionals work faster and smarter, member company experiences making improvements to specific processes, and strategies for adapting to new realities in a market, industry or company are likely topics.



Globally Speaking focuses heavily on international developments, the ways that credit professionals can best take advantage of markets in developing countries and any new risks looming on the horizon.



Legal Landscape includes articles on current noteworthy cases or regulatory developments and how they affect commercial trade creditors. Legal experts from various areas of business law contribute to this issue.



Leveraging Credit is about the credit profession as it continues to evolve to include new responsibilities as a symptom of both economic changes and the increasingly important premium companies are placing on risk management.



Getting Paid covers collection practices and law, payment instruments, credit policies and procedures   … practically anything that focuses on getting a company what it is owed. This issue also presents extensive coverage of the recent Credit Congress, including a photo gallery.



Metrics is about benchmarking tools used to gauge peak performance and efficiency. Contained within this issue are ways to apply ratios to evaluate processes, and less obvious methods to evaluate how your company is doing.



Best Practices includes the research, tools, models and instruments credit professionals need to achieve their company’s strategic business goals, or to keep themselves out of trouble.