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Share your knowledge with fellow credit professionals or potential clients. Business Credit accepts by-lined articles of 1200-2200 words. Longer articles may be separated into parts to appear in successive issues. Articles can be on any topic relevant to the credit profession, but may not advertise or promote a specific product. Browse the editorial calendar below to see which issue may best fit your expertise. Also see Terms and Conditions.

Editorial Calendar

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Credit Outlook analyzes current trends in today’s business credit community to gain a better understanding of future trends. This issue introduces topics that are covered throughout the year, ranging from collection tips and customer service, departmental organization, risk management and federal regulation as well as credit technology and construction.



Credit as Partners dives into the importance of developing relationships in and outside the company to include sales, customers and businesses. Building and strengthening these relationships is hard work, but readers will learn just what it takes to create longstanding partnerships.



Building Leaders is essential for successful credit departments. Without a credit captain to steer the ship, fellow credit managers, accounts receivable and accounts payable crew members remain unguided. This issue discusses how to become a leader in credit, while also reviewing the required soft skills, such as good communication, teamwork, problem solving and time management.



Going Global takes readers around the world for international developments in credit abroad for a first-hand look at markets in developing countries and current risks that could impact business.



Tech Talk revolutionizes credit by revealing the latest in credit technology. This issue brings credit departments into the 21st century with in-depth discussions on automation advancements, such as electronic invoicing and payments, and what they mean for the future of credit managers.



Credit Evolution shows the development of the credit profession as new responsibilities emerge with economic changes and ongoing risk management.



Payment Solutions is all about the money. Readers can learn about new and improved collection practices and law, payment instruments, credit policies and procedures. Coverage of NACM’s annual Credit Congress is also included with session reviews and photo galleries.



Tools of the Trade gives creditors benchmarking tools used to gauge peak performance and efficiency by applying ratios to evaluate processes and evaluating how their company is doing.



Performance Insights digs into the research, tools, models and instruments credit professionals need to achieve their company’s strategic business goals or keep themselves out of trouble.

Issues and Closing Dates

Nine print issues are published each year and mailed the last week of the month preceding the date of issue. The
closing date for space reservations, copy and instructions is approximately two months preceding the date of
issue; the closing date for camera-ready art is approximately two months preceding the date of issue (see chart
for exact dates for each month).

2024 Issue   Materials Due   Expected Delivery
January   -   January 1
February   -   February 1
March   -   March 1
April   -   April 1
May   March 12   May 1
June   April 11   June 1
July/August   June 11   August 1
September/October   July  16   September 1
November/December   September 12   November 1