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Subscription FAQs

Question: What does the primary demographic for Business Credit magazines look like? Also, how many subscribers do you reach with each issue?

Answer: Our readers are board chairmen, presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, controllers, managers and assistants; those responsible for asset management programs—including accounts receivable investments, domestic and foreign finance programs, cash flow, inventory control, financial reporting, acquisitions, merger analysis and debt-equity financing.

Currently, we reach more than 22,000 financial executives who affect company decisions everyday.

Question: What are your current subscription rates for Business Credit magazine?

Answer: Our subscription rates are outline in the table below:

New Rates effective 2017

U.S.— Business 1 year
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and Student
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*Canadian (all) 1 year
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Single Issue: $9;
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Frequency: Nine monthly issues per year except for combined issues in July/August, September/October, and November/December.

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Question: Is there a way to access past or archived issues of Business Credit Magazine, online or in print?

Answer: Yes, to both. Business Credit Magazine archives are available in the Resource Library, a free benefit to members of record. Click here to view the archives. Back issues of Business Credit magazine are also available for $7 each.

Please mail a request, including payment and date of issue, to:

Attn: Communications Department
8840 Columbia 100 Parkway
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Question: When can I expect my first issue?

Answer: Please allow four to six weeks for shipment of your first issue.

Question: What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

Answer: Cancellations are accepted; however, refunds are not issued.



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Article Submissions

Share your knowledge with fellow credit professionals or potential clients. Business Credit accepts by-lined articles of 1200-2200 words. Longer articles may be separated into parts to appear in successive issues. Articles can be on any topic relevant to the credit profession, but may not advertise or promote a specific product. Browse the editorial calendar below to see which issue may best fit your expertise. Also see Terms and Conditions.

Editorial Calendar

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Looking Ahead touches on current and future trends. This issue acts as a thesis statement for what may be covered in the magazine throughout the year, with topics ranging from collection tips and customer service strategies to trends in departmental organization, risk management and federal regulation.



Relationships at the Core is a must for managing customer and departmental relationships. Mitigating the issues related to disputed debts, contractual terms and internal perceptions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes the relationship issues that credit professionals encounter on a daily basis.



Credit Solutions looks at new products and technologies. The latest software/hardware to help credit professionals work faster and smarter, member company experiences making improvements to specific processes, and strategies for adapting to new realities in a market, industry or company are likely topics.



Globally Speaking focuses heavily on international developments, the ways that credit professionals can best take advantage of markets in developing countries and any new risks looming on the horizon.



Legal Landscape includes articles on current noteworthy cases or regulatory developments and how they affect commercial trade creditors. Legal experts from various areas of business law contribute to this issue.



Leveraging Credit is about the credit profession as it continues to evolve to include new responsibilities as a symptom of both economic changes and the increasingly important premium companies are placing on risk management.



Getting Paid covers collection practices and law, payment instruments, credit policies and procedures   … practically anything that focuses on getting a company what it is owed. This issue also presents extensive coverage of the recent Credit Congress, including a photo gallery.



Metrics is about benchmarking tools used to gauge peak performance and efficiency. Contained within this issue are ways to apply ratios to evaluate processes, and less obvious methods to evaluate how your company is doing.



Best Practices includes the research, tools, models and instruments credit professionals need to achieve their company’s strategic business goals, or to keep themselves out of trouble.

Business Credit Magazine Policies and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) (publisher) does not offer monetary or ad space compensation for Articles submitted.

NACM reserves the right to refuse to publish any submitted Article. NACM reserves the right to proofread and make minor changes to the Article to adhere to Business Credit's publication style without prior notification to the Author. NACM will contact the Author where an edit may change the context/meaning of the text, or where context/meaning is questioned.

The Author represents and warrants and covenants (i) that the Article and all other materials delivered for print in Business Credit are original works prepared by the Author and, with the exception of material for which the Author has obtained written authorization to use or is in the public domain; (ii) that the Author exclusively owns all Intellectual Property Rights to the material in said article and that no other person has an option, claim or right to the material; (iii) that the Author is free to enter into this Agreement and to grant all rights granted hereunder; (iv) that the Article and its normal use will not violate any valid Intellectual Property Rights of any third party; and (v) that the Article does not contain any scandalous or libelous matter or invade any third person's right of privacy or any other legal rights.

The Author agrees to indemnify and hold Publisher harmless from any losses, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses or reasonable attorney's fees which may be incurred by Publisher based on any third-party claim, which, if true, would evidence a breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties made by the Author. In addition to the remedies available to Publisher, Publisher may charge the amount of any such losses, damages, liabilities, costs, charges, expenses and attorneys' fees against any sums accruing to the Author under this Agreement.

By submitting an Article (the Work) to NACM/Business Credit magazine, the Author agrees to grant to Business Credit an exclusive license to the Work to exercise any and all rights granted by the Copyright Act of the United States and the copyright laws of other countries, not limited to the right to reproduce, display, distribute, sell and translate the Work throughout the world, in any media now known or later developed-unless other arrangement is agreed upon prior to publication-for a period of one year from the month of Issue publication.

After the period of one year, the publisher and author will jointly share the rights. This means the writer is free to sell the work elsewhere, but NACM also retains the exclusive rights to reprint and/or electronically publish all articles appearing in the magazine.

The publisher shall at all times have the rights to print, distribute, sell and use the article, or any portion thereof, in all manners customary, including but not limited to the following: as individual reprints; as part of the Issue; as part of bound volumes including the Issue; as part of collections of essays that may have appeared in different volumes of the magazine and that are produced by the National Association of Credit Management in its name; and as microform or electronic reproductions, including website magazine archives, of any of the foregoing.

If NACM/Business Credit is approached by another publisher (the "[other] Publisher") seeking permission to publish the Article in any form, NACM/Business Credit shall have the non-exclusive right to grant such permission to the [other] Publisher, provided that such permission shall require the [other] Publisher to print the notice required below.

Any reproduction or republication of the article, other than a photocopied duplicate of an original printed copy, must bear the legend that the article first appeared in Business Credit magazine using a method of citation similar to the form set out immediately below, or whatever form of citation may then be commonly used:

This article originally appeared in the (month/year) issue of Business Credit magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM).

The Author shall receive three (3) complimentary copies of the magazine issue in which Author's article is published. In lieu of complimentary hard copies, the Author may request one PDF copy of the Work for website posting and personal use. The PDF shall be formatted to include the Business Credit masthead and issue volume and number. This PDF copy cannot be used for marketing purposes or for profit for the initial one-year period as outlined in paragraph 4 above.


Submit an Article to Business Credit Magazine

We value your expertise and welcome your submissions. Issue deadlines run approximately the middle of the month, two months before the month of publication. For example, to submit an article for the June issue, the article must be received by April 15th or next business day, should the 15th fall on a weekend.

Peruse Article Submissions/Editorial Calendar for article guidelines and the issue topic(s) that interest you.

Policies and Conditions are a must-read before submitting your article.

Please include the following in your article submission(s): The standard author bio line includes author’s name, title, company and contact information. A brief sentence on area of expertise can be included, but may be abbreviated or eliminated at the editor’s discretion.

Certain magazine departments may also include a headshot. If available, please include a high-resolution headshot (300 dpi; lower resolution is acceptable if image size is at least 4x6 inches).

Article submissions can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Questions? Call 410-740-5560 and ask for the Communication Department.




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