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Credit Law Online Course


Mon, April 27, 2020 - Fri, July 24, 2020
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Course Details

A continuation of the Business Law course, Credit Law looks more closely at negotiable instruments, debtor-creditor relationships and government regulations.

The course runs approximately 12 weeks and is facilitated by a legal professional. Students receive a course bundle before the start of the session, which includes the textbook, study guide and online component. During the duration of the course, students take two proctored exams. Upon successfully completing the course with a score of 70% or higher, students will receive a certificate of achievement and will earn course credit toward the CBF designation Credit Law requirement.


Karen Hart, Esq.


Monday, April 27, 2020 -
Friday, July 24, 2020

Early Registration Deadline – April 10, 2020

Earn course credit toward your CBF designation!

Credit Law Course Overview

  1. Negotiable Instruments: Transferability and Liability
  2. Checks and Banking in the Digital Age
  3. Security Interests in Personal Property
  4. Other Creditors' Remedies and Suretyship
  5. Bankruptcy
  6. International Law in a Global Economy
  1. Agency Relationships in Business
  1. Sole Proprietorships and Private Franchises
  2. All Forms of Partnerships
  3. Limited Liability Companies and Special Business Forms
  4. Corporate Formation and Financing
  5. Corporate Directors, Officers, and Shareholders
  6. Corporate Acquisitions, Takeovers, and Termination
  7. Investor Protection, Insider Trading, and Corporate Governance
  1. Administrative Law
  2. Promoting Competition
  3. Consumer Law
  4. Environmental Law

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Do I read chapters; do assignments on an "honor system"?

Yes. The assignments, if any, do not need to be turned in to anyone. Rather, they are there to help you further comprehend the material covered in the assigned readings.

Do I only take exams online?

Yes. The exams are only available online and will be available Monday through Friday during the exam week. Before you begin, your proctor must enter a password, which they receive, via e-mail the week before the exam. You will have 2 hours in which to complete the exam. We do not release any of the questions or answers. The exams are found in the "Lessons" tab. The exams make up your course grade.

What is a proctor?

A proctor is a person who will administer your exams. He or she is responsible for protecting the integrity of the exams and will return the signed proctor sheet to us upon completion of each exam. The proctor may be a supervisor (someone who is not taking the course), human resources representative, Affiliated Association staff member or other responsible party. The proctor may not be a relative, spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend.


What if I miss a week due to business travel? Can I catch up?

Since you study at your own speed, missing a week is not a problem. You decide when to catch up. However, exam week is a different story. If you realize that you will not have access to a computer or to your proctor during an exam week, let NACM know right away. We can arrange for you to make-up the exam.

Is the class designed merely for Monday through Friday?

Yes/No. It is true that exams are only offered Monday through Friday. However, students are on their own schedule with readings, assignments and quizzes.

Can I see the questions I got wrong after I take an exam?

No. It is against our policy to release exams, as we reserve the right to reuse exam questions in the future. However, the instructor will provide feedback and study tips