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Leadership Webinar Series - Driving Change and Executive Plan


Thu, October 26, 2017, 11:00 - 12:00


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The Power of Influence & Purpose Effective Communications
Adapting to New & Demanding Roles Thinking Strategically
Building Relationships with Key Stakeholders Executive Decision-Making
Driving Accountability Driving Change and Executive Plan
Conflict Resolution  

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US: 11:00am ET


Rick Hernandez

About the Webinar

What’s the cost of falling short of a plan, collection quotas or profitability metrics? Learn how to master the elements that underscore the successful implementation of key initiatives, while driving change.

To optimize your strategic plan, align with targeted growth objectives and ensure greatest organizational impact, learn how to blend your core vision with outcomes that reflect the impact of your successful execution toward positive results.

This results-oriented webinar provides you with practical techniques to shape your leadership message, drive collaboration and embrace change during times of organizational growth, merger and acquisition activity, or when undergoing periods of uncertainty.

Discover the missing ingredient–trust–to achieve successful execution, peak performance and bullish results during inevitable change events. The impact of this hidden variable makes a powerful business case for leading your team with credibility and influence.

During this session, participants will learn to:

  • Understand the dynamics and critical tools for driving change.
  • Identify priorities and roles and responsibilities for optimal execution.
  • Improve communication and collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Achieve “buy-in” for accelerated business results.
  • Learn to enhance your influence leadership capability.

Come with your questions and curiosity as we explore how you can effectively execute on plan by applying research-proven, implementation practices that meet business, organizational and cultural objectives.

About the Speaker

Rick Hernandez offers a combined 20 years of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Career Transition Services to executive teams committed to personal and organizational transformation. Rick has trained and coached all-leveled executives from Fortune 50/100/500 organizations, such as The Walt Disney Company, NASA's Space Shuttle Mission Engine Program and Chase Manhattan, to Dole Foods, Amgen and Intel, to name a few. He has designed and launched key business and culture-specific initiatives that increase leadership influence, break down silos, improve interpersonal communications and increase accountability, as expressed through his signature, “Conscious Leadership”® principles.

Webinar Access

Instructions to join the Webinar will be sent to the main registrant's email address the day before. Remember: Please log-in at least 15 minutes prior to the webinar commencing to ensure ample time for technical assistance if needed.