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Best Practices: Managing Credit in Today’s Turbulent Environment


Tue, July 7, 2020, 10:00


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About the Webinar

Over the past few weeks, we’ve surveyed and spoken with FCIB members regarding their day-to-day credit control processes during the global lockdown.  It’s clear from members that global accounts receivable portfolios will continue to pose challenges over the coming months.

In this 60-minute webinar, you will hear from two senior credit managers from different industries, in different world regions (Europe and Asia), as they discuss the everchanging landscape in which they are now working. What are the current effects on risk management?  What about innovative technology processes?  What has transitioning to a home office meant when managing a global credit team? What lessons have been learned so far and how can credit mangers prepare for the next global crisis?

Join Faysal Kadi Wahabi of LyondellBasell and Sam Robert of Juniper Networks Inc as they talk together.  Adam Wood of GCS Group, Australia will moderate the session.



Adam Wood, CEO, GCS Credit; CEO and Founder, Certifiedby

Adam Wood has more than 20 years of experience in international credit and risk management. He has a wealth of knowledge in all facets of the credit and collection industry including receivables management, information, tracing and location, and consulting and advisory. Adam led the creation of the International Credit & Collections Alliance, an initiative to bring together the leading credit and collections industry associations worldwide to drive international standards, starting with privacy and data protection.



Samuel Robert, CICP, Credit & Collections Manager, Juniper Networks Inc, Bangalore, India

Samuel Robert assesses credit risk and approves credit limits and payment terms for the APAC and EMEA region. He currently manages a portfolio of about $2.5 billion per year. Samuel also manages and trains a team of credit and collection professionals, managing regional nuances, creative credit options, political risk, taxation changes, customer behaviors based on geographies, trade war implications  and risk mitigation. He reviews, maintains and implements changes to the corporate credit policy and procedures where necessary, with various business process owners. Samuel has gained a great deal of expertise in developing and implementing process efficiencies, coaching, and guiding other credit and collections professionals. His skill set, developed over the past 15 years, has helped reduce the company’s DSO, resulting in positive working capital management. Samuel currently serves as an advisor on FCIB’s International Advisory Council. He enjoys cycling and spending time with his two boys aged 4 and 10.

Faysal Kadi Wahabi, CICP, Senior Credit Manager,  LyondellBasell, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Faysal Kadi Wahabi is responsible for international risk assessment through detailed financial analysis, encompassing trade references, customer performance and management of risk levels. Amongst his many skills, Faysal is responsible for managing and training a team of 16 Business Credit Analysts, 3 Credit Managers and 11 Credit Collectors, ensuring quality portfolio risk management, whilst facilitating sales to worldwide customers.  He is also responsible for reviewing, maintaining and implementing changes to the corporate credit policy and procedures as necessary. Faysal is a dedicated senior professional with experience in developing and implementing process efficiencies, coaching and guiding other credit professionals in addition to developing financial and business strategies. He has 20+ years’ experience in Credit Management, Risk Management, Business Analysis and is known for his project and people management skills. Faysal is a Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) and currently serves as Chairman on FCIB’s International Advisory Council making significant contributions to FCIB’s educational offerings to its worldwide membership base.



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