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Customer First! Customer Focused Collections


Mon, November 12, 2018, 10:00


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US: 10:00am ET

About the Webinar

The Customer First/Voice of the Customer approach is not just good business for sales, pricing and marketing.  There are a number of sound and compelling reasons why your credit and collection department should also advocate the Customer First philosophy.  The webinar will focus on proactive, customer-centric best practices that will accelerate cash flow, mitigate risk and increase company profits.  This philosophy can be transformational for your department and your company.  During the webinar we will:

  1. Briefly discuss the Voice of the Customer/Customer First business philosophy
  2. Examine why every customer collection issue is truly a customer service issue
  3. Discuss how credit can better work in concert with other departments using the Voice of the Client/Customer First approach
  4. Show how this philosophy can be used at the onset of the customer relationship to improve customer experience and also accelerate customer payments
  5. Further explain how Customer First/Voice of the Customer can be used in traditional and non-traditional customer issues
  6. Review the benefits of Customer First/Voice of the Customer in managing and curtailing payment deductions
  7. Discuss some emerging trends and technologies to assist your company to position themselves for future success
  8. Discover new strategies and metrics of customer satisfaction that will allow you to fine-tune department and company practices, policies and procedures toward greater profits and success

About the Speakers

Bob Karau, Manager of Client Financial Services, Robins Kaplan LLP

Bob has worked in the credit and financial services for over 40 years and in the legal industry for the last 15 years.  He has been a credit manager for the Valspar Corporation, Principal Resources and ITT Finance.  In addition, Bob has done extensive consulting on Sarbanes Oxley, corporate governance and compliance issues for Grant Thornton LLP and 3M Corporation.  Bob also serves on the advisory team of a large national legal industry vendor that specializes in e-billing software.

Bob has had numerous articles published in credit and finance publications.  In 2017, Bob was also asked to edit parts of the NACM (National Association of Credit Management) Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws which has gone to print in April of 2018.  In 2016, he was asked to write an introduction which was published as the first chapter in a new book titled: The MentorShip. Bob has presented eight national webinars through the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) including two in 2017.  Bob has combined his love of music with his business passion and has presented large-scale, mixed media presentations on finance and leadership for several national conferences. He also presented at both ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) conferences in 2017.  In 2017 and 2018 Bob presented several conferences on the Voice of the Customer/Customer First philosophy in credit and collections.

Bob was awarded the national NACM/CFDD DMA (Distinguished Member AchievementAward in 2017.  He has been a recipient of the NACM North Central Credit Executive of the Year Award and the Valspar “Presidents Forum Award.” Bob has served as an Area Director and board member for NACM’s Credit and Financial Developmental Division (CFDD) and is a past president of his local CFDD chapter.  He is a member of the NACM legal industry group.  Bob believes in giving back to those in his profession and spends time meeting with, and mentoring, displaced credit and finance executives.

Webinar Access

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