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LC Series—Letter of Credit Documentation: How to Avoid Discrepancies


Thu, April 9, 2020, 10:00


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Understanding the Letter of Credit Process: What Every Exporter Needs to Know

Roles and Responsibilities of Banks in the Payment Process

Letter of Credit Documentation: How to Avoid Discrepancies Choosing the Right INCOTERMS for Letters of Credit: Why International Commercial Terms Matter and the Role They Play 

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US: 10:00am ET

About the Webinar

Collectively, this four-part webinar series provides a comprehensive view on export letters of credit and the best practices that support using them. Join veteran international banker, Chip Thomas, who will provide practical tools, techniques and insight that credit professionals can immediately apply when using letters of credit. Sign up for all four and save 10% on the registration fee.

Topics that will be addressed during the webinar:

  • Why documentation is necessary
    o    They are required for payment!
  • What documentation should be required?
    o    Only documents legally required by customs in buyer’s country
  • Documentation rule: Keep it simple, i.e., minimal documents please!
  • What is a discrepancy?
  • Why do banks always seem to find them?
  • The common causes of discrepancies.
  • How to avoid discrepancies
  • What to do when discrepancies occur
  • Why you should control the number of documents
  • How to control what documents are permissible
  • Never consign Bills of Lading / shipping documents to the buyer
  • Why you should never send documents “on approval”

About the Speaker

Richard “Chip” Thomas, General Manager, American Export Training Institute, West Chester, PA

Mr. Thomas’ interest in international affairs and cultures began in high school where he had the opportunity to finish his junior and senior years at a private school in Zimbabwe, Africa.  He finished his B.A. from So. Illinois University in 1969, majoring in economics and history, and completed a master’s degree in 1975 from the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management.  After his undergraduate degree, Mr. Thomas spent two and a half years working in Colombia, S.A. with the Peace Corps, followed by another two years in Colombia with the U.S. Information Agency (USIA).

Upon returning to the U.S. and completing his graduate studies, Mr. Thomas entered a 22-year career in international banking, specializing in international trade and finance.  This work led to extensive international travel, with a 2-year assignment working and living in Mexico.

During his banking career, Mr. Thomas developed a skill in training and was responsible for International Product and Service Training for Mellon Bank’s customers and employees.  Mr. Thomas left banking in early 1995 to pursue his interest in training by helping to establish the American Export Training Institute (AETI), which provides practical training in export finance to corporations and financial institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Mr. Thomas is co-author of the Trade Finance Handbook, Thomson, 2005.  The book is targeted to small and mid-size companies (SMEs) interested in how to effectively enter the international trade arena.

Mr. Thomas speaks fluent Spanish.

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