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The Language of Team Building


Mon, November 11, 2019, 03:00 - 04:00


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About the Webinar

Collaboration and teamwork are the lifeblood of a successful organization. Building a successful team requires stellar communication, effective conflict resolution tactics and strong relationships.

Many factors affect communication styles and strategies of individuals, including age, sex, cultural background, personal communication style and many more. Great teams employ strategies for effective listening, understand the best ways to guarantee that intent and reception are aligned, and know how to provide feedback.

Conflicts inevitably arise in any team. Effective teams have strategies in place to resolve these conflicts in a healthy way. Not only does good conflict resolution help avoid time and productivity being wasted by conflict, it also helps to strengthen the relationships between team members and ultimately create a much more cohesive and attuned group.

About the Speaker

Martin George is known for his constant vision casting and relentless drive for businesses to perform at their peak in the global arena. As the founder and CEO of his own language and cultural company, LTC Language Solutions, Martin has been vital in the success of over 1,000 local and international companies as they face their ever-changing marketplace. A linguist, possessing a doctorate in language education, Martin understands the roots of language and culture and has been able to take this extensive knowledge and apply it to coaching business professionals in their own individual workplaces.

During speaking engagements, Martin focuses on topics centered around businesses working globally. This includes his most popular topic of Cultural Competence, also known as one’s CQ. Martin coaches on how to create global employees by increasing their CQ. He is also known for speaking on linguistics, as well as various topics for working with interpreters, primarily in the medical environment.

Martin shares his knowledge with all who will listen. He speaks around the country and to a variety of industries including professional sports, corporate business, real estate and more.

In addition to serving as LTC’s founder and CEO over the last 25 years, Martin has served as the ESL Director of IUPUI, the president of the Indiana Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (INTESOL) and the president of the Indiana Relocation Council.  His extensive experience in language education includes professional publications, teacher training and speaking engagements at national and international conferences.

Martin received an Associate’s Degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Shantou University-China, his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Ball State University and his Masters and Ph.D. in Language Education from Indiana University. Martin spent seven years living in China while working for the U.S. government for military intelligence, which began his expansive international career.


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