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Credit Insurance 101


Tue, December 5, 2017, 10:00 - 11:00


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About the Webinar

Default, insolvent buyers and political uncertainty are just some of the risks associated with international trade. Unfamiliarity with new buyers also can deter sellers from extending credit. Trade credit insurance can help companies circumvent these types of risks and concerns. Learn how credit insurance can help credit professionals offer buyers attractive terms, while protecting receivables.

Marsh’s John Molli will explain what trade credit insurance is, how it works and how companies use it to manage receivables risk, as well as share some case studies of how companies use it.

About the Speaker

Jim Dezell, Senior Vice President, Marsh Trade Credit

John Molli, Senior Vice President, Marsh Trade Credit

Jim Dezell joined Marsh in 2003 and has more than 29 years of trade credit insurance experience. Throughout his career, Jim has originated, structured and orchestrated some of the largest credit insurance programs in the U.S.—many for global companies that are leaders in their industry segments. Jim has placed programs for major manufacturing concerns, chemical producers, media groups, publishers, steel and metal processors and consumer product companies. When not managing client matters, he focuses on educating Marsh staff and their customers on the value and benefits of trade credit protection.

Before coming to Marsh, Jim served as regional vice president for Swiss Re’s credit insurance arm, NCM (now known as Atradius). He oversaw their operations in the Northeast and was responsible for opening NCM’s offices in Canada in 1999. Jim has extensive experience in finance, credit and business development.

John serves as Marsh’s U.S. Global Clients Group leader and has more than 25 years’ experience in financial services and trade credit for both domestic and international markets.

As a banking executive with NationsBank/Bank of America, he financed U.S. domestic and international trade transactions in the European, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. John transitioned from international banking to trade credit when he joined Euler Hermes US. At EH US, his duties included managing the Asia Group and serving as head of commercial underwriting for the Midwest and head of international business development. His last position at EH US was as director of the newly formed Direct Broker’s Desk. As CEO of DBRS, John established a new Deutsche Bank AG subsidiary for national distribution of structured derivatives. Prior to joining Marsh in 2015, he was instrumental in establishing Wells Fargo Bank as the market leader for the bank’s Trade Credit AR Put Protection product. He is a nationally recognized speaker on trade risk mitigation and structured financings.

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