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2012 CFDD National Award Winners

Distinguished Member Achievement Award (DMA)

Class A - Tawnya Marsh, CBA - Portland
Class B - Michelle Orange - Evansville
Class C - Jacci Barrows, CCE, ICCE - Denver

National Membership Awards

Class A - Portland
Class B - San Diego
Class C - Birmingham

National Program Awards - Seminar/Workshop

Class B - Kansas City

National Program Awards - Regular Monthly Meeting

Class A - Seattle
Class B - Louisville
Class C - Wichita

National Publicity Awards

Class A - Portland
Class B - Kansas City


National Scholarship Awards

Certification Program Fees

Jennifer Clark, CBA - Tacoma
Ethel Dungey, CBA - Tacoma
Melinda Jones - Evansville
D'On Maroney, CBF - Denver
Donna Watson, CCE - Direct

CFDD National Conference

Connie Barratt, CCE - Direct
Jacci Barrows, CCE, ICCE - Denver
Melva Becker, CCE, CICP - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Mary Bodhaine, CBA - Tacoma
Kay Boosa, CCE - Birmingham
Lori Buckelew - Portland
Zach Dillon, CCE - Denver
Jenifer Dunseth - San Diego
Reese Dyer, CCE - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Beverly Eldridge - Albuquerque
Pamela Foreman, CCE - San Diego
Larry Glenn, CBA - Kansas City
Charlene Gothard - Portland
Brett Hanft, CBA - Portland, Salem/Albany
Cindy Hayes, CBA - Albuquerque
Eunice Helgeson, CCE - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Janie Helms - Albuquerque
Kathy Hicks, CBA - Tacoma
Nancy Hoffman, CBA - Denver
Marie Hugaboom, CBA - Albuquerque
Shawn Ismert, CBA - Kansas City
Cynthia Jaeger, CCE - Tacoma
Lori Kimball, CBF - Salem/Albany
Barbara Leathers - Albuquerque
Heidi Lindgren-Boyce, CCE - Seattle
Lorena Marsh - San Diego
Tawnya Marsh, CBA - Portland
Pamela Meyer, CBF - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Mary Moore, CBA - Omaha/Lincoln
Jeffrey O'Banion, CCE, ICCE - Portland
Kimberly Peake, CBA - Charlotte
Carey Ryan, CBA - San Diego
Alison Seman, CCE - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Stacey Smythe, CCE - Tacoma
Steven Snow - San Diego
Gwendolyn Stroops, CCE - Phoenix
Jill Tamborini, CBA - Kansas City
Paulyne VanderSloot, CCE – Seattle/Tacoma
Kathleen Victoria - Portland
Brenda Weaver, CCE - Birmingham
Richard Westwood - Seattle
Micki Wilson - Wichita
Ellen Wodiuk, CCE - Phoenix

2013 NACM Credit Congress

Wendy L. Bartlett, CCE - Dallas/Fort Worth
Kim Claxton, CBA - Denver
Barbara Condit, CCE - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Brenda Cox - Louisville
Lori Curry-Roller - Louisville
DeLinda Goodman, CCE - Louisville
Kim Hardy, CBA, ICCE - Louisville
Carol Johnson, ICCE - Portland, Salem/Albany
Lori Jones, CCE - Salem/Albany
Lynn Kendrick, CBA - Louisville
Lori Nissen, CCE - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Sheila Roames, CCE - Phoenix
Kelly Shock, CCE - Denver
Nancy Watson-Pistole, CCE, ICCE - Kansas City
Nadine Whitehead, CCE - Kansas City

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