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Thank you to all of our contributing donors.
CFDD-Denver Gary Goldberg
Lori Kimball, CBA Deborah Poynter
Stacey Smythe, CCE Sharon Foster
Jeffrey O’Banion, CCE, CICP Georgeann Weinhandl, CBA
Millie DeMariano Michelle Orange
Janis Rowe, CCE CFDD-South Puget Sound (Tacoma)
Barbara Condit, CCE Susie Secuskie, CBA
Cindy Vekas, CCE Larry Glenn, CBA
Lynn Kendrick, CBA Kris Warner
Cindy Jaeger, CBF Shelley Hart, CBF
Mike Meyer, CCE Donna Hypse, CCE
Linda Williams CFDD-Denver
Janice Schwieger, CCE CFDD-Grand Rapids
Nadine Whitehead, CCE CFDD-Minneapolis/St. Paul
Pam Meyer, CBF CFDD-Albuquerque
Dawn Wallace Cook, CCE CFDD-Jasper
Susie Secuskie, CBA CFDD-Los Angeles
Linda Eurton CFDD-Phoenix
Pam Foreman, CCE CFDD-National Conference Raffle (Basket)
Carolyn VanKrevelen, CBF Barbara Condit, CCE
Lisa Stapley, CCE Ann Beam, CBF
CFDD-Denver Dawn Wallace Cook, CCE
CFDD-Seattle CFDD-Dayton
Angela Mundy, CCE Newton Manufacturing
Nancy Watson-Pistole, CCE, CICP CFDD-San Diego
David Chicoine, CBA CFDD-Kansas City
Kim Lancaster, CCE Carol Fowle, CCE


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