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Artificial Intelligence in the Credit Department


Wed, May 24, 2017, 03:00 - 04:00


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Robert Karau, CICP

About the Webinar

Join us for this fresh, intentional, entertaining and educational session reviewing the advent and applications of AI in the finance and credit department.

2016 was the breakthrough year for AI in my industry and many others. Mainstream articles on AI permeated the internet and print media in publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York times and American Banker. Are you prepared for the arrival of AI in your company and your department? Are you doing everything you can to position yourself and your company to grow and compete in an ever evolving marketplace for future success?

Learn more about the basics of AI, possible applications and questions you should ask before embracing AI technologies. Learn how you can be a more effective agent of change in your company today and tomorrow. Understand what you must know if your position would be threatened by AI.

The presentation will be divided into 5 parts for better information flow, comprehension and understanding. The sections include:

  • Artificial Intelligence basics including definitions, current business philosophies on AI and ways to understand and move beyond the AI hype
  • AI today: The new wave of artificial intelligence that will also review where AI is at work now and what AI applications and implementations are currently in process
  • The Ethics and Legal Considerations of AI in business and commerce including how to work with your IT department and others to assure expected results
  • Putting AI to work in your department and calculating your gains and losses including return on investment and the business intelligence and big data matrix
  • A look at the future of AI within finance and credit

About the Speakers

Bob Karau is Manager of Client Financial Services for Robins Kaplan LLP, a national law firm. Since his first class on “Future Studies” at the University of Wisconsin in 1976, he has been a student of innovation and change. He has striven to pioneer innovation in the credit and collections field for more than 35 years, with the mantra “innovate or evaporate.” Bob is scheduled to present two new NACM webinars in 2017 centered on innovation and change.

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