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Insolvency Proceedings in Italy


Thu, August 8, 2019, 10:00 - 11:00


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US: 10a.m. ET

About the Webinar

Italy, one of Europe’s most important markets, consists of a massive number of small- and medium-sized companies. Although these businesses represent great opportunities for foreign sellers, they also present challenges for credit professionals.

In this webinar, attorneys Eva Knickenberg-Giardina and Irene Grassi, of CLG Italia, Studio Legale e Tributario, share their expertise in assisting foreign companies operating in Italy. Their presentation will cover the issues that may require special attention when doing business with Italian companies including:

  • Insolvency Procedures
  • Securities, Reservation of Title, Guarantees
  • Judicial collection procedures and strategies
  • Recognition of foreign judgments
  • Enforcement

About the Speakers

Eva Knickenberg-Giardina, CLG Italia—Studio Legale e Tributario

Irene Grassi, CLG Italia—Studio Legale e Tributario

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