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What Students Say:

“I cannot overstate the value that the program had for me, both professionally and personally. Aside from providing what I believe is the best preparation method for the CCE exam, the class and study structure allowed me to learn more about my profession in four short weeks than I could have ever learned otherwise. My horizons were definitely broadened as I interacted with peers from many industries, and not only did we have many fruitful discussions about our field, we had a lot of fun together as well!”
–Wayne Mattson, CCE,
accounts receivable manager,
DLT Solutions LLC

The GSCFM program is held on the campus of American University, located in Washington, DC. American University is a private research university nestled amid the upscale neighborhoods and embassies of upper northwest Washington. The university offers a safe and welcoming community in the midst of a bustling city.

Participants, staff and instructors are housed in one of the residential halls on American's campus. Meals are provided for the duration of the program. Participants are required to attend every meal to help cultivate relationships and camaraderie with both the faculty and other participants.

Participants receive the GSCFM Executive Award upon successful completion of all program requirements. Graduation, featuring a special dinner and awards ceremony, is held on the last night of the second session. The Best Student Award, selected by the members of the GSCFM class, honors the individual who makes a significant contribution to the general quality of the program, based on class participation and enhancement of the overall educational experience.

credit analyst careerTo be prepared for these topics upon arrival, participants must complete advance reading assignments. A complete list of advance reading assignments and textbooks are shipped to each participant before the start of the program.

Attendance at all scheduled class sessions is mandatory. In addition, participation in the discussion of assignments, class activities and projects is required. Between the first- and second-year sessions, participants will be assigned a project that will draw upon concepts presented in the first session, culminating in a presentation before members of the class and faculty. Failure to meet any of these requirements will endanger the participant’s certificate of completion.

credit analyst careerHousing and Meals

Participants, staff and instructors will be housed in one of the residential halls on American University's campus. Although the specific design of each dorm bedroom unit varies, participants will occupy a unit with a private bathroom.

Meals will be served daily. A photo session and special graduation dinner are held on the program’s final night. Participants are required to attend every meal to help cultivate relationships with both the faculty and other participants.