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Tue, April 13, 2021, 11:00 - 12:00


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About the Webinar

You want to collect cash faster, and your AR team is working around the clock—endlessly issuing invoices, chasing customers and resolving disputes. What gives?

Improving the effectiveness of collections is not just about sending invoices quickly and increasing the number of follow-ups. Nor is it about resolving disputes and then returning to the same old ways of working. These methods may temporarily help you get more money in the door. However, they do little to achieve a long-term, sustainable solution that improves how quickly customers pay you and their relationship with your organization.

In this webinar, learn about best practices that enable you to establish a world-class collection process through optimized communications, effective customer touchpoints and a proven workflow. It's time to get paid!

Objectives include:

    • Best practices to ensure your customers receive the right communications at the right time.
    • Why two-way communication is essential for your customers and how this boosts your bottom line.
    • How to align with sales to ensure customer relationships are protected and collections run smoothly.
    • How to optimize your workflow and provide your team with a process that accelerates payment speed and improves the customer experience.


About the Speaker

Sarah-Jayne Martin, Senior Product Specialist, YayPay, Chicago, IL

Sarah-Jayne Martin is a finance professional specializing in the areas of credit management, payment processing, collections and accounts receivable. With more than 20 years’ experience managing large global teams, Sarah-Jayne has a strong focus on increasing efficiency within the order to cash cycle and improving the customer experience. Hailed as an industry expert, Sarah-Jayne makes regular appearances in the finance space, often featuring on thought-leading panels and in industry discussions.


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