Apply for a Scholarship

CFDD welcomes scholarship applications from its members twice annually. Spring scholarship applications are due by March 15 and summer applications by July 15. In order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship, applicants must have been a member of CFDD for at least six months prior to submitting an application

Scholarship Basics

There are seven different CFDD scholarship categories.

Category Type Award Value Available each Spring
(by March 15)
Available each Summer
(by July 15)
1) CFDD National Conference Full Registration Fee
2) Credit Congress 50% of the Registration Fee,
plus a CFDD Luncheon Ticket
3) NACM Affiliate Fall Conferences 50% of the Registration Fee
4) NACM/FCIB Designation Application Fees Entire application fee
5) Course Registration Fees 50% of the registration fee
6) Self-Study Courses Up to $200 (entire cost)
7) CLC Exam Reviews Entire review course

CFDD members may apply for up to two scholarships each calendar year by submitting an application on or before March 15 and/or July 15.

Generally, scholarship applications for conferences (Categories 1, 2 and 3 or the CFDD National Conference, Credit Congress and NACM Affiliate Fall Conferences) are due by March 15

If you need assistance in completing an application, please contact CFDD-National, a member of your National CFDD Board of Directors or your CFDD Chapter President.

Scholarship Applications Forms

Scholarship Application for the seasoned CFDD member (doc)

Scholarship Application for CFDD members of three years or fewer (doc)

Scholarship Application for members without company support (doc)