International Utilities Group

International Utilities Group

The primary purpose of the International Utility Group is to create an educational atmosphere for utility credit professionals.

Since it was founded in 1936, the primary purpose of the International Utility Group is to create an educational atmosphere for utility credit professionals where they can learn new strategies to increase cash flow and reach a higher level of effectiveness in the handling of delinquent accounts. The International Utility Group is second to none in creating an environment where utility representatives can increase their knowledge; where free and informal discussion and the exchange of credit experiences among industry peers is welcomed; where confidentiality is assured and where networking is encouraged to promote long term business and personal contacts among utility industry peers.


Any employee of a Gas, Electric, Water, Cable or Telephone utility.

How to Get Involved

There are no dues required for membership in the International Utility Group. If you have questions regarding NACM or membership in local affiliates, contact the Secretary/NACM Representative listed on the roster of Executive Officers. You will be provided with details such as participation in Utility Group meetings, membership in local affiliates of NACM, and be welcomed as a member of our International Utility Group.


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Present an industry specific educational program at the annual NACM Credit Congress focusing upon:

  • Techniques to improve productivity, cash flow and the reduction of collection costs and the improvement in all collection performance areas (bad debt, write-offs, DSO, etc.).
  • Identification of technology and resources available to the utility Credit & Collections professional.
  • The effective integration of the credit and collection process with other business operations.
  • Economic trends and outside factors affecting collection performance.
  • Updates on legal and legislative matters impacting upon utility collections.
  • The open discussion of industry trends, issues and challenges.

Conduct a Strategic Planning Forum each Fall to discuss industry issues and trends, and develop a forward thinking Industry Day program for the annual NACM Credit Congress.

Issue a Utility Group Newsletter twice per year featuring articles by utility credit professionals.

Administer Industry Surveys and distribute results.

Promote constant Networking and Communication between members.