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Doing Business in Turkey


Thu, October 18, 2018, 10:00


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US: 10:00am ET

About the Webinar

Economic problems in Turkey have been making the headlines. The Turkish economy faces a number of challenges, including a sliding lira and rapid inflation. Join Bierens’ attorney, Omer Faruk Celik, as he reviews the legal, credit and collection environment in Turkey.

About the Speakers

Omer Faruk Celik, Attorney, Bierens

Omer Faruk Celik received his bachelor’s degree in law from Marmara University of Istanbul and his master’s degree in commercial and company law from Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Omer has been a registered member of the Istanbul Bar Association since 2011 and is the lead attorney for all commercial, litigation and bankruptcy matters throughout Turkey on behalf of all Bierens clients.

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