How to Apply

NACM sponsors four professional designations that enable credit professionals to demonstrate their commitment to excellence in their field. NACM is the only body which offers these nationally recognized, professional designations.

Professional designations: CCRA ·CBA · CBF · CCE

Step 1: Register With NACM’s Education Department

An official registration form must be submitted before applying for the CCRA, CBA, or CCE designations. A non-refundable fee of $175 ($275 for non-members), which covers the establishment of your lifetime personal file, must accompany your form. Your registration opens your own personal file where you may begin sending information about the continuing education events which you attend throughout your career.

If you are enrolled in a CAP or ACAP program, you should register as soon as possible. Then, as you receive your end of course grades, you can add them to your personal file by mailing them to the National Education Department. Once your grades are on file with NACM-National, there's no need to resend the documentation when you apply for a professional designation.

Once your registration is received, you will be sent a confirmation notice. You will receive a recommendation as to which designation is right for you, after your initial personal information has been evaluated.

What kind of information should be sent in with your registration form:

A copy of your resume or a summary of your professional experience. As your professional responsibilities change, you should send updated copies of your resume to the National Education Department for your file.

Certificates, continuing education earnings (CEU) records, end of course certificates, or evidence of attending any educational seminars. Send as much information as possible about any continuing professional education you have completed. This information will be kept in your personal file. Then, as you attend educational seminars and meetings, continue to send information to NACM-National to be added to your file.

The sponsor of the different educational conferences and seminars you attend is responsible for keeping your records on file. For example, if you attend a local NACM Affiliated Association sponsored event, that association is responsible for maintaining your continuing education earnings records. Rather than having your earnings records maintained by several different program sponsors, you can consolidate the information by continually adding it to your personal file.

Official transcripts from undergraduate or graduate colleges or universities. Have the college send your transcripts directly to the NACM National Education Department for evaluation. The transcripts must be received directly from your college—photocopies are not acceptable. Transcripts must be sent only one time; if your transcripts are already on file with the National Education Department, you need not have them sent again unless you have taken additional courses.

Step 2: Complete the Appropriate Designation Application Form

The CBA, CBF and CCE designations have their own application forms. To apply for the CBA, CBF or CCE designation and the examination, you must complete a short application form and submit it with the corresponding, non-refundable fee. Each designation application fee covers a formal evaluation of your file, examination costs and, upon successful completion of a designation exam, a certificate with a plaque attesting to your achievement. The application fee may not be divided or reduced due to failing the exam, withdrawing from the program, or refusing the certificate. The CCRA designation does not require a separate application form. The registration form for the Financial Statement Analysis, Interpretation and Credit Risk Assessment course serves as the CCRA designation application.

Designation Application Fees


2015 Designation Application Fees
Designation NACM Member Fee Non-Member Fee
CBA $235 $335
CBF $285 $435
CCE $385 $535





Step 3: Complete an NACM Career Roadmap

Along with the CBF or CCE designation application, you will need to submit the NACM Career Roadmap. This form enables you to assess your professional accomplishments. There are more than 500 points available on the NACM Career Roadmap. (The CBA and CCRA designations do not require the NACM Career Roadmap.)

A total of 75 Roadmap points (plus course work) is needed to apply for the CBF designation and a total of 125 points is needed to qualify for the CCE designation. Points are awarded for both formal and continuing education, work experience, participation in your local and national NACMs, as well as special activities with which you may be involved.

You should send your completed Career Roadmap to the NACM National Education Department for evaluation with your application form and fee. Your application and paperwork will be reviewed and verified, after which you will be notified of your status. Completed paperwork is due 8 weeks prior to the scheduled exam date to ensure time for a thorough evaluation.

Remember that by registering early and sending in copies of your resume, grade transcripts and continuing education earnings records, you will speed up the processing time.

You should save a copy of each Career Roadmap you submit. Since the Roadmap is intended to be added to throughout your career, you will continue to add points and information to your NACM Career Roadmap as your career progresses.

More Information

Click here to download a copy of the Professional Certification Program brochure.