Kim Lancaster, CCE, CICP
CFDD National Chairman (2016-2017)

My theme for this year is Bringing Vitality to Our CFDD Organization. Webster’s defines Vitality as an exuberance in physical and mental strength; to have a meaningful purpose or existence; to grow and to live; to be a force of one. Our continued growth requires an exuberance to maintain the spark for CFDD.

Here are a few things to think about as we begin a new year and a new journey. Why did you join CFDD? What were you looking for when you joined?

CFDD holds the key to your strength: Mentoring, Education, Networking and our Scholarship Fund support the growth of our membership. Local and national scholarships helped me build my own foundation in education.

We have all heard the saying “Bloom Where You Are Planted” or “Have a Servant Attitude”. Our organization is designed for you, as a member, to give back. As I look at my own personal journey, the biggest gift I could give was my time to CFDD, both locally and nationally. I served on the CFDD-National board back in the 1990’s and again on my present journey.

CFDD, my force of one, is now over 500 members strong. It will continue to grow, because each of you will share your meaningful purpose, your strength to be successful in your professional life, and by helping those who have helped you.

I encourage all of you to maintain the vitality and enthusiasm and share it with your CFDD family.