Ralph Rimualdo, CCE - March 2004

rimualdoCreate the Future: Vote in the Upcoming Election

Ralph Rimualdo, CCE

As the 2004 Presidential election gears up, the airwaves are full of interviews, debates and information, and newspapers worldwide provide us with coverage and commentary. All of this information and coverage serves to educate, inform, and engage us in the election process. Even beyond that, it inspires us to participate in our governing process by casting our vote to elect those that seem to share our vision for the future, both professionally, and personally. Whether it’s healthcare, the economy, the business environment, or children—we will all strive to elect those that are in alignment with our vision.

I’ve heard many people argue that their vote is only “one” vote—and that it
doesn’t matter. In 1998, two out of three Americans simply chose not to cast their vote. It’s my opinion that these folks are wrong—one vote can and does make
a difference. Some U.S. House of Representative seats have been won by just one vote. Many non-federal seats have been won by just “one” vote.

Like the government, our Association looks to its constituents—you the members—to cast their votes to elect its national leaders. NACM needs and wants your involvement in its governing process; NACM wants your participation in the process that will ultimately create and define our future organization. You will choose five National Directors to serve and represent you for the next three years: from May 2004 until December 2007.

NACM is composed of 48 Affiliated Associations, located nationwide. Each Affiliate is located within one of four geographic regions: the Eastern Region comprises the eastern seaboard and New England states as far south as Virginia; the Central Region stretches from Ohio and Kentucky through the central plains states; the Southern Region spans from the Carolinas to Florida and as far west as Oklahoma and Texas; and the Western Region covers the pacific coastal states, into Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

This year’s national director elections are regional; members of each region will cast their vote to elect their regional National Director. While there are no nationally televised NACM director debates, we have taken information from each candidate’s application and published it within the enclosed ballot. You’ll get a glimpse of each candidate’s background and future vision for our organization. I urge you to take the time to carefully read through the ballot before casting your vote.

I urge you to vote. The election process with “one member, one vote” was
created and endorsed by a group
of volunteer leaders—local Affiliate Chairmen—who fought hard to have NACM adopt this type of election process within your organization. It’s an important right, because after all, it’s your organization. Your voice, through your ballot, should be—and is—heard.

Between March 8th and April 9th, you can participate in shaping your organization’s future by electing your regional National Directors. You can vote online or simply complete and send (by mail or by fax) the enclosed ballot to NACM. All ballots must be cast or received by 5:00pm, east coast time, on Friday, April 9th. You can participate in the future of your organization by voting—your vote does count, and one vote can make a difference.

Ralph Rimualdo, CCE is NACM’s National Chairman. He is also Vice President of Case Supply, Inc. in Syracuse, NY. He can be reached at .


2004 National Director Election

Eastern Region (one opening)

Robert Noyes, CCE
Member of New York Credit & Financial Management Association

Central Region (one opening)

Marshall Kahn
Member of NACM South Central Region (Louisville) and NACM Kansas City


Barbara Klosterman, CCE
Member of NACM Ohio (Dayton)

Southern Region (one opening)

Ronnie Archer, CCE
Member of NACM South Texas (Houston)


Thomas Sacher, CCE
Member of NACM of Florida (Orlando)

Western Region (two openings)

Connie Barratt, CBF
Member of NACM Inland Northwest (Spokane)


Tammi Russell, CCE
Member of NACM Business Credit Services (Salt Lake City)


Kathleen Tomlin, CCE
Member of CMA Business Credit Services (Los Angeles)


Dorman Wood, CCE
Member of NACM Colorado/San Diego