Ralph Rimualdo, CCE - May 2004

rimualdoWorking Together Works

Ralph Rimualdo, CCE

As my year as Chairman begins to draw to a close, I can’t help but reflect back on the personal and professional choice that I made to become an active volunteer in the NACM organization. As I look back on my choice to get involved, I can tell you that it was, indeed, a defining moment in my life. A defining moment, or the exact point in time when we make a decision or choice that changes either us, or our lives, is truly an important moment in time.

I had no idea that my decision to “get involved” and to serve would lead me down a path that would eventually culminate in the Chairmanship of a national organization. I was pleasantly surprised that volunteer service could be as educational, enriching, and rewarding as it has been. I didn’t realize that my choice would lead me to a national network of professional contacts, and a wealth of knowledge and life-long friendships.

I had no idea how much I would grow, both personally and professionally.

The reason I am sharing these thoughts with you with is simple: I want to encourage you, and perhaps even challenge you, to get involved with your NACM organization as a volunteer leader. All of us—each and every NACM member—can create a defining moment by deciding to actively participate in our organization. We can choose to get involved and to work together. I believe that working together works.

Each and every one of us wants to enhance and improve the credit
profession. It’s our shared vision and shared mission. Whether we make our profession stronger through better legislation, or increased public and press relations, we the business credit profession will benefit. Choosing to participate in the NACM Credit Manager’s Index (CMI) will go miles towards helping us to raise the profile of the business credit profession which shares its outlook on the business economy with business journals nationwide through this index. The CMI is only as powerful as the data behind it. NACM needs your participation.

The NACM organization is a member-governed organization; we the NACM members are the guiding force that must lead our organization, and our profession, to success. It’s our choice, and our responsibility, to ensure that our organization realizes its full potential. Working together, we are responsible for ensuring that we achieve our goals and our mission.

In this issue of Business Credit (on page 71) and throughout the next several weeks, you will see the NACM request for volunteers who are willing and ready to serve on national committees. National committees are one of the most important tools available to NACM. Our committees are NACM’s membership connection. More importantly, NACM’s responsibility to represent, involve and serve a large group of members can only be accomplished through an effective, well-constituted committee structure.

Committees are NACM’s most effective work force: through committee work. And, there’s a lot of work to be done. We are currently working to restructure the NACM Government Affairs Committee; that Committee will encompass several very targeted work groups, each of which will track and comment on very specialized areas. One group will continue to monitor and work on the needed reform to the Federal Bankruptcy Code; another group will monitor federal legislation that has an international impact and reach; yet another group will monitor federal regulations impacting those who do business with the Federal Government. Issues impacting the building and construction industries also will be monitored by a work group. All of these work groups will comprise the NACM Government Affairs Committee.

The NACM Board will revisit the mission for each national committee at its meeting in May so that we can hit the ground running this summer. Working together works. Members, NACM staff and experts all working together with a common mission will move us forward.

I challenge you to get involved as a volunteer. Committee work is very rewarding; it’s also one of the many ways to learn about your organization and to help guide it into the future. Your decision to apply to serve on a national committee could just turn out to be one of your defining moments. After all, you may be sharing your thoughts with me at some point in the future in your capacity as NACM National Chairman! Working together really works.

Ralph Rimualdo, CCE is NACM’s National Chairman. He is also Vice President of Case Supply, Inc. in Syracuse, New York. He can be reached at .